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London's acclaimed meditation teacher, clairvoyant and broadcaster speaks about

Meditation in Silk

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Benefits of silk clothing

When we are ill symptoms result from disharmony and general discordance within the physical and the auric body.

Evidence from kirlean photography shows that when people or plants are injured or ill the aura they project becomes scattered and fragmented. In order to prevent illness and enhance healing it is essential to optimise the body's natural rythmns and tune the natural flow of energy.

Meditation calms the mind, centres the energy, tunes out the noise and helps to restore the optimal vibration of all the body parts.

The right clothing will improve the energy flow. Let your silk robe become a part of your daily spiritual practise. Silk can enhance your spiritual development by amplifying the subtle energies that flow within.

Silk is particularly good at tuning into and holding a vibration, and wearing a silk robe is like stepping into a sacred space.